Microsoft 70-412: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services

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This course covers the following topics in order to prepare for the exam: Configure and manage high availability.? Configure file and storage solutions. Implement business continuity and disaster recovery. Configure Network Services. Configure the Active Directory infrastructure. Configure Identity and Access Solutions.



Module 1: Configuring Advanced DNS Services
1.2 Socket Pool and Cache Locking
1.3 Advanced DNS Settings
Module 2: Advanced DHCP Services
2.1 DHCP Scopes
2.2 High Availability
2.3 Policy Based Assignments
2.4 DHCPv6
2.5 Questions
Module 3: Active Directory Forest Configuration
3.1 Active Directory Forests
3.2 Active Directory Sites
3.3 Active Directory Trusts
3.4 Active Directory Read Only Domain Controllers
3.5 Active Directory Replication
Module 4: Active Directory Certificate Services
4.1 ADCS Overview
4.2 ADCS Management
Module 5: ISCSI And ISNS
5.1 ISCSI and ISNS
5.2 ISCSI and ISNS Demo And Questions
Module 6: Configuring IPAM
6.1 Install And Configure IPAM
6.2 IPAM Demo And Questions-Part1
6.3 IPAM Demo And Questions-Part2
Module 7: Network Balancing
7.1 Install And Configure NLB
7.2 NLB Demo And Questions-Part1
7.3 NLB Demo And Questions-Part2
Module 8: Failover Clusters
8.1 Cluster Overview
8.2 Cluster Aware Updating
8.3 Failover Clusters Demo And Questions
Module 9: Configuring Hyper-V Virtual Machines
9.1 Create VM Replicas In Hyper-V And Migrate VMs
9.2 Hyper-V Virtual Machines Demo And Questions
Module 10: Dynamic Access Control
10.1 DAC Overview And Configure
10.2 DAC Demo And Questions
Module 11: Active Directory Rights Management Services
11.1 Install ADRMS
11.2 Manage ADRMS
11.2 ADRMS Demo And Questions
Module 12: Active Directory Federation Services
12.1 Configure And Manage ADFS
12.2 ADFS Demo And Questions
Module 13: Disaster Recovery
13.1 Configure And Restore Windows Server Backup
13.2 Configure And Restore Window Server Backup Demo
13.3 Questions
Module 14: Configuring Additional Services
14.1 Configured Additonal Services
14.2 Configured Additional Services Demo-Part1
14.3 Configured Additional Services Demo-Part2
14.4 Configured Additional Services Demo-Part3 And Questions


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